Minutes Thursday 21st March 2013

Draft Minutes of a meeting of the Cyngor Cymuned Llandrinio & Arddleen Community Council held on Thursday 21st March 2013 at 7.30 p.m at Penrhos Old School

Present;  Cllrs  B C Foulkes (Chairman), J F Thomas,  H V Jones, R H R Davies, Mrs M Weston , Mrs P M Jones, A A White, Mrs L O’Connor, T N Davies and Mrs S M Townsend.

Apologies  Cllr C Weaver and County Cllr R G Brown 58/2013

Minutes of the previous meetingon the 17th January 2013 were confirmed and signed.59/2013

Matters arising;-

60/2013 (1/2013) (265/2012) (213/2012) (162/2012) (112/2012) (57/2012) (3/2012) (238/2011) (203/2011) (158/2011) (114/2011) (372/2010) Update on A483 Trunk Road issues including Maerdy Bridge following meeting held on Fri 22nd Feb. Work had been completed today on adding hatching to emphasise the junction with additional cats eyes. Whilst any improvements are welcomed it was agreed that more work is needed to reduce accidents. Clerk had been contacted by the Arddleen Community Hall Committeee who are looking into starting a petition to request for lighting at the junction including the Penrhos turn. County Cllr R G Brown had agreed to present this to Powys County Council and it could also be presented to the Petitions Committee at the Welsh Assembly.

61/2013 (2/2013) (267/2012) (215/2012) (164/2012) (114/2012) (59/2012) (197/2011) Hanson Quarry still liasing with other parties re: a date for a Criggion Quarry liaison meeting. It was agreed to request that a date be set.

62/2013 (3/2013) (269/2012) (220/2012) Reply from Footpaths Officer re: pedestrian gate for footpath by Bagleys Lane to say that Powys C.C will supply a gate. Thanks were given to

Mr G Daulby who has kindly agreed to erect the new gate – Clerk to ensure that gate is a ‘kissing gate’

63/2013 (7/2013) (275/2012) Update following completion of Windfarm Survey – comments on forms received had been circulated together with the results from other Community Councils. Public Enquiry is scheduled to start in June 2013. Llandrinio & Arddleen Community Council have registered the option to speak.

64/2013 (9/2013) (304/2012) Update on developing a website- funding available from Welsh Assembly. Fuller details will follow – email received from a firm offering their services. Domain name for discussion at Annual Meeting.

65/2013 (13/2013) Powys C.C have now implemented the changes with regard to street lighting.- Clekr to check that streetlight LD115 is on.

66/2013 (35/2013) Many thanks to Cllr H V Jones for ordering & collecting stone from Criggion Quarry for Llandrinio Cemetery Carpark – Invoice received for payment.

67/2013 (56/2013) Reply received from One Voice Wales re: Risk management of Clerk’s job to say that a temporary clerk could be found via the Local Society of Council’s Clerks or by asking neighbouring Councils. These comments will be included in the Risk Assessment presented at the Annual Meeting. Clerk will also check re: Personal Accident cover for Clerk + Councillors.

68/2013 (57/2013) Draft Accounts received from the Llandrinio Village Hall Committee.

Cllr Mrs M Weston declared an interest by virtue of being a member of the Committee and withdrew from the meeting. It was proposed by Cllr A A White and seconded by Cllr J F Thomas that a Grant of £2000 be awarded for the running of the Hall and £1700 for the maintenance of the Playing Field. Clerk will request a copy of the Audited Accounts when available.


69/2013 Donation request from Urdd National Eisteddfod 2013 – noted

70/2013 Clerk attended Training on Tuesday 12th February –‘Council as an Employer’ Travelling costs £20.00 agreed. Details of all training had been circulated.

71/2013 Donation request from Wales Air Ambulance – noted

72/2013 Notice of meeting organized by Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations to discuss Community Engagement in Llandrindod Wells on Tues 26th March.

73/2013 Information received from Kidney Wales Foundation on ‘Walk for Life’ on Sun 24th March 2013.

74/2013 Thank you letter received from organizer of Llandrinio Over 60’s Club together with a  programme of events.

75/2013 Complaint made by One Voice Wales that not enough notice was given in recent consultation on Police and Crime Plan by the new Police Commissioner – reply received that local meetings will be arranged so that Commissioner can hear local views.

76/2013 Thank you letter from Arddleen CP School for Grant received towards maintenance of School/Village Playing Field.

77/2013 Clerk and Councils Direct for circulation

78/2013 Notification received from Welsh Assembly that a Freedom of Information request has been received in respect of submission to the Powys Local Growth Zone Task

79/2013 Revised booklets on complaints procedure received from the Ombudsman

80/2013 Caepost newsletter received stating that re-cycling had increased. Clerk to ask Powys C.C when Haughton/Haimwood will be included on the kerbside recycling.

81/2013 Donation request from dyslexia cymru – noted

82/2013 Membership Renewal received from one Voice Wales for £156.00

83/2013 Project news update from national Grid – noted

84/2013 Notice of meeting of Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust on Mon 22nd April at 2.30 p.m in Newtown.

85/2013 Letter received from Arddleen School Governors asking for a Grant towards their project of developing a school garden – it was agreed to support this Project but that more details and estimates are needed.


86/2013 Planning Enforcement Officer reminded re: Trederwen Hall and Hendre Farm

87/2013 Minutes of a Planning Committee Meeting held on Friday 25th January re: P2012 1282

88/2013 Minutes of a Planning Committee Meeting held on Thursday 28th February re: P2013 0159 and P2013 0088

89/2013 Amendments received to planning application P2012 1329 – Wind Turbine at Pant Mawr, Meifod.- noted

90/2013 Planning permission had been requested for P2013 0251 – Erection of a detached building at Old School House Llandrinio. As snow had been predicted for a site visit intended for Fri 22nd March Cllrs viewed the plans and agreed no objections.

91/2013 Reminder to be sent to Planning Dept re: Training

92/2013 It was agreed that when the Community Council is asked for comments re: Unitary Development Plan that sub-committees would be formed for each Ward.

Financial Matters;

93/2013 Bank balances at 21st March 2013;-

Current a/c                              £263.37

Deposit Account                 £19862.09

Bank statements were checked and initialed by Cllr J F Thomas

94/2013 Budget was discussed and agreed.

95/2013 Permission to pay;-

i) Mrs C E Davies Salary 01.01– 31.12.2013 £637.54

ii) H M Revenue and Customs £206.00 under L.G.A 1972 s112

iii) P Williams £338.94 under L.G.A 1972 s137

iv) Llandrinio Village Hall £3700.00 under L.G.A 1972 s112

v) One Voice Wales £156.00 under L.G.A 1972 s112

vi) Mrs C E Davies £120.00 under L.G.A 1972 s112 9£100 Petty Cash Imprest + £20 Travelling costs)

96/2013 Audit briefing received from External Auditors


97/2013 Complaint received over vehicle parked for sale by junction to Arddleen School – Police had checked area but vehicle had been removed.

98/2013 Complaint received re: speed along Gwernowddy Lane + response from Highways Dept to say that they cannot impose a speed limit on an unclassified lane and that if speeding is an issue that the Police should be contacted.

99/2013 Request forwarded to highways for a Grit Bin on Naylors Fields

100/2013 Complaint forwarded to Highways of potholes along Trederwen Lane. Potholes are becoming a serious problem and it was recommended that residents report to Powys County Council either directly or through the Clerk. Pot hole also reported along Rhos Common.

Chairman’s Remarks

101/2013It was agreed by Cllrs that Mr John Biltcliffe be asked to continue as the representative on the Llanfyllin Patient Participation Group

102/2013 Suggestion of a Defribrilator at Sarnau in the Phone Box – approx cost £2000. Cllr Mrs S M Townsend agreed to find out more details in relation to what training is needed.

103/2013 No response received from the Environment Agency re: request for more information in relation to Flood Risk management Plans. Clerk to write to Mr T England.

104/2013 Clerk to write to café proprietors at Llandrinio Shop to ask them not to put their signs in the middle of the pavement.

105/2013 Clerk to ask Refuse Dept, Powys C.C to remove black bags of rubbish left in a Green Collecting Box by The Firs, Sarnau

Meeting closed at 8.50 p.m

Next Meeting;- Annual Meeting Thursday 16th May 2013 Llandrinio Village Hall